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Take the Path to Growth and Well-being

      Today, you are one step closer to a new life in which you choose empowerment, growth and well-being. Following that path will require strength, courage and commitment. It also requires safety and support. As a therapist, I am dedicated to helping each client explore and embrace the struggles and truths that define him or her.  

            Greater self-awareness and insight can lead to better emotional health and stronger, more satisfying relationships, and that means a fuller, more gratifying life for you.

I am proud to offer a client-centered and integrated approach to managing such life issues as:

  • Sexual Addiction
  • Depression/Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Relationships/Pre-Pair Premarital Counseling and Marital Counseling

            If you are looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation, or you are just ready explore your new life path, I am here to walk with you.  

           Please call me or email me for individual, couples, Teletherapy, men's group counseling or for a consultation today.

Bob Sklar, LMFT (#42691)

Contact Bob Sklar


242 W Main 

Street Suite 104

Tustin, CA. 92780

Teletherapy Available