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Men's Issues

The Tools Are Broken

Many men are taking a look at their lives and realizing that the tools we use to deal with emotion are broken. Perhaps we have been crippled by our conformance to male cultural stereotypes or the absence of healthy male role models or perhaps our reliance on negative thinking or behavior. Often, this leads us to question what we have learned about masculinity, confused about why we find themselves in broken relationships, struggling with feelings of isolation. We may feel overwhelmed and numb, and are looking for answers.

Choosing A Different Path

Men can be creative, resourceful and free. By honestly examining our old beliefs, we can increase our self-awareness and open ourselves to limitless possibilities. We can learn from hurtful experiences and recover. We can move from isolation to connection, and create more satisfying and meaningful relationships with family and friends. As we move along the path of self-discovery, we can be happier, experience true closeness, and vastly improve our self-esteem.

Relationships Bring Healing

Connection is one of the most important tasks in the path to growth for men. The truth is, we don’t become men by risk-taking behavior, career achievement or sexual conquest. We must learn real manhood in community with other men. By asking for help or reaching out to other men, we can leave our learned isolation behind and advance our healing process.

I invite you to join me on a healing path of growth with counseling focused on the needs unique to men, through individual counseling or men’s groups

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